Emirates Palace Hotel

I can safely say that this is one of my favorite hotels. In comparison with Burj Al Arab seems disipating and Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons somehow simple. Of course there is a reason for that. Emirates Palace was built for a record three billion dollars. Interesting is, however, that the original idea was that it is a palace for meetings of local government. Especially important was each of the guests to have the same convenience and do not feel ignored. That’s why the building itself was created as a hotel with the same rooms. Later, however, decided to make this amazing palace hotel, which remains the property of the government, but management of the Kempinski.

This history told us the reception manager, who was Bulgarian. I am not sure to what extent this is true, but I can say only one – here are not saving money. Luxury can be easily seen from the entrance of the hotel. Outside are parked a few white Rols Royce, which reminds me of the Peninsula in Honk Kong. Cars are available if you are a guest of a Sweet or if you pay about $ 500 for transfer. The lobby is quite impressive, as the ceiling is the main attraction. Warm golden colors prevail in the interior, most doors are decorated with stones Svarowski. The furniture is very stylish and shows that they are expensive. Lift is also vermeil. One of the unpleasant things in the hotel is that it is simply too big.

From reception to the rooms, especially to our need to go at least 15 minutes. Corridors are very beautiful and just as long. From one end to the other hotel distance is a kilometer and a half. Room in the Emirates Palace is one of the most beautiful and luxurious rooms, where you can see. At first glance does not seem so special, there is much more extravagant, but there is beauty in the details. Great pleasure to see how everything is perfect to the smallest detail – from the carpet, which is three fat fingers and your feet sink in it seems to 60 inch plasma TV. The bed is high, huge and very comfortable.

Sheets were so nice to touch, that I came to put them in suitcases. A pleasant surprise was in the morning where you can buy several English newspapers, printing from the Internet. In principle to enter each room using personal Butler, who can take care of every whim. The whole idea of personal “slave” sounds good, but is not something special. No big difference whether we call the reception or a man when you need something. Nevertheless, in a hotel of this class, everyone watches you pleased. As the biggest shortcoming of the hotel can specify a remote room. Everything in the room (lamps, television, music, book, guide, mail, etc.) is managed from a single universal remote with tach skriyn. Sounds good, but it is damn difficult to control (having in mind that I love these toys), and gives many bugs. The bathroom is also beautiful.

Soaps are a gold brocade. This is the view from the room. Everywhere around the areas and the hotel is very green and beautiful. The beach looks extremely long and wide, as sand is fine and soft. Overall I am impressed by the beach, I must say that I did not expect such a beautiful sand and crystal water in Abu Dhabi. In the same hotel pools are very nice to them and has several water slides. Restaurants in the hotel are good, as fish do my best impression. Left with very positive emotions from the Emirates Palace and recommend it strongly. You should know that the price for double room is only 900 dollars per night.