Avoid Car Problems for an Enjoyable Road Trip

During a travel, there are usually unexpected things to happen along the way. At times, the car condition would affect the trip itself because of a possible machine breakdown, a slight fault on the engine or on the tires. Many things can happen but this can be avoided through some long preparations before the scheduled trip. Minimal disturbances during the trip would mean a more enjoyable and stress free vacation.

Start preparing your car three to four weeks before you go for the trip. If the car would need some major repairs, it must be done at least two months prior to the scheduled time for the travel. This is necessary to give time for problems to pop up after the said repair and thus, will be dealt accordingly as soon as possible. In addition, have the coolant checked by a mechanic.

Consider the destination you are heading to. Is it warmer or cooler compared to the location you are now residing? Checking the coolant mix of water and antifreeze would mean you are assured that the car is suitably protected. The check-up must be done weeks or months before and if there is a need to change the coolant itself, this must be done immediately.

Apart from the machine, one of the headaches some travelers experience is related to the tires. Tires are to be inflated only with the proper pressure. Lower pressure applied on tires may result to blowout when the car would run extremely fast due to extreme heat buildup. You must always follow the owner’s manual regarding the tires and other aspects of car care and maintenance. One thing more about tires, have the tire tread checked. If it needs to be changed then, you must do so right away. Spare tires on the other hand must be fully inflated and put into the car’s trunk always along with the wrench, jack and other tools used for tire changing.

Also, a week before your trip, you must check the necessary papers that are to be brought especially the owner’s manual and vehicle registration. Along with that, have the car undergo another check up on the machine, the tires, the air filter and the like.

One day before you go, clean your car and unload unnecessary things that are contained in it. The heavier you load, the more fuel will be consumed. Don’t forget to fill the gas tank with enough supply to suffice at least one way of the trip.

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